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JRS USA is devoted to the research, development and production of high quality, organic fibers for the road industry.

For more than 30 years JRS has been a leader in providing recycled cellulose fibers to the asphalt industry. As a leader in SMA and OGFC our ROAD-CEL® brand of fibers have set the standards for reliable, high quality functional additives for today's asphalt roadways and with two manufacturing facilities in the USA, we ensure availability of materials during peak seasons all across the nation.

When you choose ROAD-CEL® Technical Cellulose for your mix, you not only have the benefit of a reliable partner, you also have the benefits of a superior product:
• Inhibits asphalt binder drainage as a stabilizing additive. 
• Environmentally safe and manufactured using uncirculated, recycled material.
• Aids in a diminished water spray, reduced tire noise, rutting resistance and improved performance in low temperatures.
• Creates a cost savings through increased life cycle by up to 40%.

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ROAD-CEL® Technical Cellulose

ROAD-CEL® Packaging Options

Packaging Configuration OptionsPallet Dimensions (LxWxH)Full Truck Load Quantity (based on 48' flatbed truck)Production Facility Location
24lb bag / 744lb pallet58" X 47" X 51"36 pallets, 26,784lbsPortage, MI 49024
40lb bag / 1,600lb pallet52" X 44" X 8426 pallets, 41,600lbsWellsville, KS 66092
44lb bag / 1,100lb pallet58" X 47" X 51"36 pallets, 39,600lbsPortage, MI 49024
1,200lb bag / 1,200lb pallet28" X 64" X 90"25 pallets, 30,000lbsPortage, MI 49024

JRS USA is a proud member of the global JRS Group. With over 145 years of knowledge and expertise, our team of experts have road construction solutions designed for regions around the world.

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Please note that all information contained on this page is specific to the U.S. market only, and may not be applicable to other geographic regions.

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